Welcome to the online home of T. Logan Russell and Russell Outdoors,Inc.. It is late May, 2014. The past deer season resulted in a nice 11 point bow kill that will push Pope & Young and a mature, freak buck with a 3rd main beam on his left side. Duck season was outstanding for my son and I with many limits killed on great hunts with great friends. Turkey season was outstanding with 3 Missisisppi gobblers and 2 Kansas gobblers reduced to possession. And preparations have begun for the 2014-15 deer season with mineral licks installed, stand locations adjusted and protein feeders filled. Making all this possible is a Mississippi hunting land market that is hot, hot, hot!  
Sartain's Heritage Properties is coming off a record land sales year in 2013 and 2014 is off to a great start. Experienced land buyers figure that prices are good and that a significant inflationary cycle is inevitable. First time buyers see low interest rates and continuing upward pressure on hunting lease prices as making this the time buy. Whether you are buying or selling, experienced or newbie, I am here to assist with you with the best possible customer service in the land business!

An avid hunter since my first hunt in 1971 at age 10, I have been blessed with the opportunity to make a living in the outdoor industry full time since 1988 as hunting guide, outfitter, outdoor writer/publisher, outdoor radio show host, sales agent of hunting property and even as an expert witness in hunting club and land management related legal cases. Hunting and hunting land is what I do and I would not have it any other way!                                                      

If you need help buying, selling or managing hunting land, I can help. If your club needs a consultant to help create club rules and bylaws, resolve conflict among members, settle a dispute with neighborhing landowners, etc., I have seen it all. If you, your club or your client are being sued over a hunting related matter, I am a qualified and UNDEFEATED expert witness. Whatever your hunting or hunting land related needs, I can help you. Call me at 601-259-4789 or email me at for a free consultation. 

Happy Hunting and God Bless!

T. Logan Russell
Madison, Mississippi

Hunting and Managing deer extensively in Hinds, Holmes, Madison and Yazoo Counties
149" Gross 9 Point. Black Powder. Yazoo County, MS. December, 1995.
130" Gross 11 Point. Bow. Madison County, MS. October, 2014.
129" Gross 9 Point Bow. Hinds County, MS. October, 2012.
127" gross 9 point. Rifle. Hinds County, MS. December, 2006.
124" gross 8 point. Rifle. Hinds County, MS. December, 2006.
122" gross 8 point. Rifle. Hinds County, MS. December, 2006.
122" gross 6 point. Rifle. Yazoo County, MS. January, 2009.
121" gross 10 point. Bow. Madison County, MS. October, 2012.
120" gross 8 point. Rifle. Hinds County, MS. December, 2004.
120" gross 7 point. Rifle. Issaquena County, MS. December, 2003.
120" Gross 8 Point. Primitive Weapon. Yazoo County, MS. January, 2014.
129" Gross 9 Point. Rifle. Yazoo County, MS. November, 2009
Hunting and Managing turkeys extensively in Hinds, Holmes, Madison and Yazoo Counties
MS 2014-1. Holmes County, MS. 9.5", 15/16", 17.2#
MS 2014-2. Holmes County, MS. 8.5", 1", 18.6#
MS 2014-3. Yazoo County, MS. 10.5", 7/8", 19.4#
KS 2014-1. Phillips County, KS. Rio Hybrid. 7", 3/4", 17#
KS 2014-2. Phillips County, KS. Merriams Hybrid. 7", 3/4", 16#.
KS 2013-1. Phillips County, KS. Merriams Hybrid. 10.5", 1.25", 18#
Hunting ducks extensively in Hinds, Humphreys, Leflore, Sunflower and Yazoo Counties.
Humphreys County, MS Diver Hunt. January, 2014.
Leflore County, MS Gadwall Hunt. January, 2014.
Sunflower County, MS Mallard Hunt. January, 2014.
Managing 1000s of acres of hunting land throughout the ARK-LA-MISS Region.
#1 Hit List Buck for 2014-15 season. Managed by Russell Outdoors, Inc.
154" gross 9 point. Yazoo County, MS. November, 2013. Managed by Russell Outdoors, Inc.
172" gross, 14 point. Hinds County, MS. December, 2008. Managed by Russell Outdoors, Inc.
Selling Hunting Land As Agent with Sartain's Heritage Properties and By Owner.
A Few More Hunting Memories - Thank You Lord!
THREE GENERATIONS HUNTING DELTA DUCKS! My son and I with his first duck. Germania Road, Yazoo County, MS. February, 2010. My dad and I with his last duck. Germania Road, Yazoo County, MS. January, 1999. (RIP Pops)
MY BUDDY JIM AND HIS FIRST GOBBLER! Two Men, One Gun, Two Gobblers. Hinds County, MS. April, 1994. (RIP Jim)
Limit of Snipe. Yazoo County. January, 2014.
OLE MISS REBELS LOST TO WYOMING COWBOYS BUT I GOT MY PRONGY! Wyoming Pronghorn. 82" gross. September, 2004.
MISSISSIPPI SPORTSMEN AGAINST HUNGER DEER DONATION EVENT CIRCA 1995 or 1996. Over a 10 year period, we collected over 200,000 pounds of pure, ground venison (no fat added) through a network of deer meat processors and charities in 42 out of 82 counties in Mississippi. My involvement in this hunter sponsored food collection agency is one of my proudest accomplishments of my hunting industry career to date.
ROCK ME MAMA LIKE A WAGON WHEEL! Nebraska Rio/Merriams Hybrid. May, 2010.
WYOMING MULEY AT 425 YARDS= I WOULD RATHER BE LUCKY THAN GOOD! 156" gross 4x4 muley. Laramie County, Wyoming. 2005.
GOBBLE GOBBLE! RRR & TLR stack em up and knock em out! Video of this hunt is posted on YOU TUBE channel Triple R. San Angelo, TX. May, 2009.