Welcome to the online home of T. Logan Russell and Russell Outdoors,Inc.. It is May, 2013. Mineral licks and protein feeders are in place, stands are being moved, warm season food plots will be planted soon, I reduced 2 Missisisppi gobblers to possession, heading to KS and NE to try 'em some more and the land market is booming!                                                                               
Sartain's Heritage Properties is coming off a record land sales year in 2012 and 2013 is off to a great start. Experienced land buyers figure that prices are good and that a significant inflationary cycle is inevitable. First time buyers see low interest rates and continuing upward pressure on hunting lease prices as making this the time buy. Smart money or first timer, farm, timber or hunting land, land is what I do. Whether you are buying or selling, I am here to assist with you with the best possible customer service in the land business!                                                 
Since my first hunt for doves in the South Delta near Holly Bluff in 1971, putting my first hunting lease together in Rankin County in 1977 or buying, selling, brokering and managing hunting land since returning to Mississippi from Colorado in the early 1990s, I have been blessed with the opportunity to make a living in the outdoor industry full time since 1988. Hunting and hunting land is what I do and I would not have it any other way!                                                                                                

If you need help buying, selling or managing hunting land, I encourage you to check out all my listings at and call me at 601-259-4789 or email me at Whatever your hunting or hunting land related needs, I can help you. 

Happy Hunting and God Bless!

T. Logan Russell
Madison, Mississippi

Hunting deer extensively in Hinds, Madison and Yazoo Counties, averaging over 70 deer days per season the last 10 years...
Career best primitive weapon whitetail to date. 149" gross 9 point. Muzzleloader. Yazoo County. December, 1995.
Career best rifle whitetail to date. 129" gross 9 point. Yazoo County. November, 2009.
Career best whitetail bow kill to date. 124" gross 9 point. Hinds County. October, 2011.
127" gross 9 point. Rifle. Hinds County. December, 2006.
124" gross 8 point. Rifle. Hinds County. December, 2006.
122" gross 8 point. Rifle. Hinds County. December, 2006.
122" gross 6 point. Rifle. Yazoo County. January, 2009.
121" gross 10 point. Bow. Madison County. October, 2012.
120" gross 8 point. Rifle. Hinds County. December, 2004.
120" gross 7 point. Rifle. Hinds County. December, 2003.
119" gross 9 point. Rifle. Hinds County. November, 2003.
117" gross 8 point. Rifle. Yazoo County. December, 2004.
116" gross 7 point. Rifle. Yazoo County. December, 2011.
115" gross 8 point. Primitive Weapon. Yazoo County. December, 2010.
113" gross 8 point. Rifle. Hinds County. January, 2006.
Hunting turkeys in Hinds, Holmes, Madison and Yazoo Counties, averaging over 17 turkey days per season the last 10 years...
20.6#, 8.5", 7/8". Holmes County. March, 2013.
15.6#, 8", 7/8". Hinds County. March, 2013.
20#, 11", 1 1/16". Holmes County. March, 2012.
16#, 11", 3/4". Hinds County. March, 2012.
18#, 9", 3/4". Holmes County. March, 2011.
19#, 10.5", 3/4". Hinds County. April, 2011.
Hunting ducks in Hinds, Humphreys and Yazoo Counties, averaging over 13 duck days per season the last 10 years...
Yazoo County. January, 2005.
Yazoo County. January, 2007.
Hinds County. December, 2012.
Managing 1000s of acres of hunting land throughout the ARK-LA-MISS Region. Services include food plot design, creation and planting, hardwood and pine tree planting for CRP and WRP and development and administration of QDM and TDM programs.
Food plot with excluder cage
Hardwood tree planting for WRP
Biggest buck taken to date under our management- 172" gross, 14 point
Selling Hunting Land As Agent with Sartain's Heritage Properties and By Owner. Let me put my experience to work for you.
GOODMAN 222. Holmes County just north of Goodman exit off I-55. This tract has it all. Great deer and turkey hunting, pine and hardwood timber investment, three fishing ponds, well developed road and food plot system. All for only $1975 per acre asking price. With interest rates this low, now is the time to buy! Call me at 601-259-4789 for more info. By Agent.
YAZOO HARDWOODS 286. REDUCED to $2200 per acre. Hardwood timber valued at $240,000 with pine timber adding another $7000 equals timber value of almost $900 per acre. North of Benton only 30 minutes from I-55. Some of the prettiest hardwood timber you will see anywhere. Loaded with deer and turkey. Year round clear running stream. Stocked fishing pond. This is a great tract at a great price! Call me at 601-259-4789 for more information. By Agent.
HIGHWAY 27 HONEY HOLE. 334+/- acres in trophy buck region of Hinds County. 4 miles east of Utica and 12 miles west of Crystal Springs exit off I-55. Big bucks, turkey, dove, squirrel and rabbit plus fishing. Bottomland hardwoods, upland hardwoods, CRP hardwoods paying $2431 per year and open land with cotton base paying $5516 per year. Call me at 601-259-4789 for more information. By Agent.
A Few More Hunting Memories - Thank You Lord!
THREE GENERATIONS HUNTING DELTA DUCKS! My son and I with his first duck. Germania Road, Yazoo County, MS. February, 2010. My dad and I with his last duck. Germania Road, Yazoo County, MS. January, 1999. (RIP Pops)
MY BUDDY JIM AND HIS FIRST GOBBLER! Two Men, One Gun, Two Gobblers. Hinds County, MS. April, 1994. (RIP Jim)
OMG (OH MY GAD)! Awesome timber duck hunt for my son and I on tract of land I sold to our hosts several years ago. Leflore County, MS. January, 2012. (Thanks Clint!)
OLE MISS REBELS LOST TO WYOMING COWBOYS BUT I GOT MY PRONGY! Wyoming Pronghorn. 82" gross. September, 2004.
MISSISSIPPI SPORTSMEN AGAINST HUNGER DEER DONATION EVENT CIRCA 1995 or 1996. Over a 10 year period, we collected over 200,000 pounds of pure, ground venison (no fat added) through a network of deer meat processors and charities in 42 out of 82 counties in Mississippi. My involvement in this hunter sponsored food collection agency is one of my proudest accomplishments of my hunting industry career to date.
ROCK ME MAMA LIKE A WAGON WHEEL! Nebraska Rio/Merriams Hybrid. May, 2010.
WYOMING MULEY AT 425 YARDS= I WOULD RATHER BE LUCKY THAN GOOD! 156" gross 4x4 muley. Laramie County, Wyoming. 2005.
GOBBLE GOBBLE! RRR & TLR stack em up and knock em out! Video of this hunt is posted on YOU TUBE channel Triple R. San Angelo, TX. May, 2009.